A Love Poem

A Five-Minute Affair

I met a girl today;

Or rather our eyes did

And lingered together across a crowded bar.

And though not a word was spoken or said,

Our unthought thoughts were easily read.


Eyes searched eyes,

Through smoke-filled dim light,

Holding fast their gaze with a passion.

And though not a word was said or spoken,

I dared not look away lest the spell be broken.


A girl of fields and forests,

She seemed to me,

Of dew-dropped flowers in a meadow.

And though not a sound passed from our lips,

We stared, as lovers, between two passing ships.


Dark was her hair,

Darker still were her eyes;

Enthralling, entrancing, engaging.

And though her lips passed not a sound,

We spent that moment – eternally bound.


The juke-box blare,

The pool balls’ clunks,

Even happy, laughing voices went unnoticed.

For whilst nothing was uttered and nothing was heard,

Heart strings fluttered like fluttering birds.


Then it was over,

For with a friend’s gentle prod,

She finished up her drink and was gone.

And though it was nothing, nothing at all,

I leant back empty, alone on my stool.