4 comments on “Zen

  1. Huberaime says:

    Hello Phil. A short post, but a nice photo and a few strong words. The four elements are at work, but whose fire is burning itself out? Not yours I hope. I wrote an answer to your comment on my blog: http://1tabbycat.wordpress.com/2012/08/02/the-carreto-ramado-august-2012/#comment-161 Spend a good week, and see you soon in Martigues. Best regards. Hubert

  2. english13 says:

    Hi Hubert, I believe an ethos central to oriental thoughts such as zen buddhism and taoism is to bend with applied force, as with a branch in the wind or water flowing round a rock. Therein lies it’s strength. It’s a principle also central to the practice tai chi chuan. Fire is different. It’s destructive, for a while, and then dies. Therein lies it’s weakness. Yes, see you soon. Phil

  3. Huberaime says:

    Thank you Phil. So your post is optimistic. The value of fire is ambiguous: it represents life and energy, but also destruction. Fire is very similar to life. It only lacks a definite border between itself and the outside to be a living being.

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