Iran and Middle Eastern Politics

As concerns about Iran working towards nuclear capability sweep the news, Neil MacGregor of the British Museum presents another perspective: The 2600 year old story of the Cyrus cylinder and it’s significance for today’s middle eastern politics.

I put this on my blog simply because I believe it essential for us in the west to have a greater understanding of –  ‘The Iranians’.

This have certainly widened my understanding and appreciation of Iranian culture.  At a time when global politics can seem to be hanging by a thread, surely that can only be a good thing?

2 comments on “Iran and Middle Eastern Politics

  1. Hello Philip, thank you for sharing. I hadn’t heard of that cylinder before but it’s really an important historic item that can give lessons of wisdom to that part of the world and elsewhere. I have understood the man well because he speaks slowly. So it’s also a good lesson of listening. Killing two birds with one stone.

  2. english13 says:

    Hi Hubert – the speaker, Dr. Neil MacGregor did a great series, plus book, on ‘100 objects in world history’. The podcasts can all be found here:
    Yes, he’s very clear and this Cyrus cylinder story is fascinating.

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