Top Ten ‘downloadable’ ELT resources

There is a wealth of good English language teaching materials that can be downloaded from the internet.  But read carefully!  You may be asked to state that you are not downloading this material for commercial use, or that if you do download you will delete the files after 24 hours.  Hence, as a disclaimer, I am not encouraging anyone to download and use this material illegally!


1.  E-Mail English

(Click on image for link)

E-mail English by Paul Emmerson.

You can’t get better, in the EL publishing world, than Paul Emmerson.   For e-mail english this is the cream and the whole book is here for downloading.   Thanks Mr. Emmerson

2.  English for Logistics

             (Click on image for link)

English for Logistics.   Marion Grussendorf.   Oxford Business English.

From freight forwarding, to warehousing and financial documentation, this book is perfect for logistics students.  The CD for listening exercises needs to be bought, begged or borrowed, but the whole book is here.

This link also gives many other downloadable books from the Oxford Express Series (Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, automobile industry etc.  Files to be deleted within 24 hours of downloading!)

3. Marine English

                   (Click on image for link)

This a a whole on-line instruction package including lots of downloadable texts.  Essential for teachers working around the ports of the world.

4.  Technical English

                     (Click on image for link)

David Bonamy.  Pearson Longman.   Until recently, technical english was under-represented.  Then the ‘Tech talk’ books by Vicki Hollett of Oxford University Press arrived (which I loved and still use a lot), followed by Technical English 1 & 2.   Also good material.  Clear.  Well-presented.  Interesting.

5.  Cambridge University Press

                  (Click on image for link)

Excellent resource for Business English:  Lots of downloadable pdf resources here designed for group lessons and individual teaching.

6.  Macmillan

             (Click on image for link)

Possibly the best ?   So much available.  A great resource.  Nothing more to add!

7.  Hospital English

                   (Click on image for link)

For anyone teaching doctors or nurses, in hospitals, clinics or surgeries.   Lots of material here for you.

8.  British Council

             (Click on image for link)

Lesson plans and work sheets at all levels.  You can’t go wrong with the British Council!

9.  Total English: Pearson Longman

                  (Click on image for link)

A great general series from elementary to advanced.   Follow this link and there’s a huge amount of supporting material, which can also be used without the book.   You really should check this one out!

10.  English for Tourism

                     (Click on image for link)

Browse around this link and you will find more that may interest you – or your students.

3 comments on “Top Ten ‘downloadable’ ELT resources

  1. english13 says:

    This one may also be of interest, though maybe for younger age groups (children, teenage).

    plenty here to browse through and easy to register.

  2. Hello Phil, Thank you for the tips. There is a great and valuable choice here, indeed. I also listen to the programme ‘six-minute English’, on the BBC’s site, I like it.

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