Crop Circles

Crop circles started cropping up (excuse the pun) in south-east of England in the late 1970s.  The strange but beautiful patterns appeared mysteriously in fields overnight and for a long time were unexplained.  Their numbers and complexity then increased, including some very intricate designs.    They also started appearing in Europe, although south-east england remained the base featuring 90% of all crop circles.

At first the mystery of the crop circles drew the attention of those who believed them to be created by extra-terrestials or spiritual beings communicating to us from ‘the other side’.  However, in 1991, two men (Doug Bower and Dave Chorley) admitted to creating many of these crop circles and showed how it was done on television.

The technique to create the crop circles was suprisingly simple.  All that was required was a piece of rope and a wooden board.  The board was held by the rope and walked upon to flatten down the crops (wheat, barley, rye) and create the designs.  Since the mystery was solved, crop circles have continued and become increasingly complex, even being used by advertising agencies.

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