Not alone.

David, a young man with Downe’s syndrome and severe learning difficulties, screwed up his face, stuck a finger in his ear, and hurled.  The sound was heard throughout the training centre.  He was inconsolable and no amount of coaxing or cajouling would ease his anguish.  It was a regular affair and with tears pouring out of red eyes and snot trickling down from his nose he was not a pretty sight.   He raised his tubby, five-foot, one-hundred-and-twenty-pound frame and plodded two heavy steps forward.

‘David?’  I asked, wondering where he was going.

David turned, and using his right hand made three signs signifying:  ‘I’, ‘go’, ‘toilet’.

‘David!!’ I cried out in wonder, ‘that’s brilliant!’

David stopped crying, gave a huge smile, and jumped off his feet in pleasure.

What was so wonderful?  After a year of learning Makaton sign language, David had finally strung three signs together to make a sentence.   He was communicating.  He was not alone.


What, then,  is life like without language?  Click below.

Less academically, watch here, story of Ildefonso:  ‘he had entered the world of humanity, discovered the communication of minds’.  (2:45)

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