I am a baby

– I am a baby.  Sights and sounds flood my brain, but I don’t understand them.  I feel.  That much is sure  And not only physical sensations, but emotional ones too.  When my mummy holds and kisses me, I feel good.  But when I don’t see her, I feel not so good.  Then all the sights and sounds become too confusing.  They can even be scary and I want to cry.    Help!

–  I am a toddler and living is fun.  I’ve good a whole team of grown ups to feed me, change me, drive me to meetings with other toddlers, and pick me up when I fall down.   In fact, they do everything for me.   Mummy and Daddy, my two most personal assistants, organize my daily affairs.  They are good, but sometimes they just don’t understand my needs, however much I try to explain.  Other times I just do what I know is best.  But then they get cross and try to stop me.  Honestly!   Who do they think they are?

– I am a child and beginning to get this world cracked.  I mean, I should be, I’ve asked that many questions about it.  That’s the great thing about having learnt to speak;  although I don’t really know how that happened.  Nevertheless, Mummy does still correct me sometimes when I make a mistake and I do love it when Daddy reads me a bedtime story.  And if I say a bad word that I’ve learnt at school, they both frown and tell me not to repeat it.

– I am a teenager and finally understand the ignorance of my parents.  They’re really out of touch with my generation.  They don’t think or speak the same.  When I’ve finished my schooling I’m going to join an environmental humanitarian organization and do something positive for the world.  Not like them.  I might even become a Marxist anarchist.  That’d freak the old folks out!


2 comments on “I am a baby

  1. Hello Phil, you’re not still a teenager, are you? So tell us the story’s continuation: I’m a grown-up… Have you become a Marxist or an anarchist in the end? Are you still one?

    • english13 says:

      You know what, Hubert, I’ve never been any labelled category and wonder whether that’s a good or bad thing. Not that I haven’t tried. Yes, I have tried getting into various things such as green party politics, humanitarianism and even Taoism, but whilst I have sympathies with such ‘concepts’ I’m not very good at wholeheartedly commiting myself to them. I guess for years I was a wandering bluesman, though not a particularly good one, but it was a consuming passion. Then I met anthropology and fell in love with an academic discipline. So, I’d love to say that I was an anthropologist and I guess it comes closest to my mind set, but professionally I’m not. Now in my 50s, I think I missed the boat on that one. And you?

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