Brave New World

A brave new world, we hope. Expectations are high.

A virgin rainforest.  Is it?  She says so.

An unchartered sea.  Unplumbed and unfathomed.

An unexplored ice-field.  Featureless and cold.

A blank blog. Fresh and untapped. Exciting.

A blank page.  Whiteness.  The empty void.

An unwritten phrase. Unthought too. Yet.

An unspoken line.  Better that way.  Shush!

Standing at the threshold, future may unfold.  Or not?

The clock ticks, the words tumble and fall.  If pushed.

Written ones can always be undone. When not etched in stone.  Or blood.

Just making a start. First steps are always the hardest.

One comment on “Brave New World

  1. tigercity says:

    begin the begin? quality start to your blog.. are you who I think you are or are you not?

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